About the Software

Brush Starter 1.3 : A large collection of all the previously released freeware brushes from Cybia. 1100 texture brushes in total. For use with Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. It is advisable to use a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet for maximum control when painting.


Classic Brushes : 600 individual brushes ranging from around 25 pixels in diameter up to approx 80 pixels. Provided in 20 sets of 30 for ease of loading them into your host program.

Mini Tips : 300 individual brushes ranging upto around 40 pixels in diameter maximum and spacing set to 50%. Provided in 10 sets of 30 brushes.

CG Blox : 100 individual brushes with spacing set to 80%. Provided in 10 sets of 10 brushes.

RS Base Set : 100 individual brushes with spacing set to 60%. Provided in 10 sets of 10 brushes.

This brush pack comes in *.abr format which should be compatible with ALL versions of Photoshop from version 3 upwards, including CS and Elements.

Paint Shop Pro users can also import and use these brush files (please read the PSP manual for instructions on using brush files).

If you enjoy using these FREE brushes then please take a look at the more extensive Brush Pot product, also available from Cybia.

There are also many great brush packs available from other developers. For example, the Brushes Special Pack 1 - 13 from Graphic Xtras will provide you with a large amount of quality brushes at a bargain bundle price!

System Requirements

  • XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 2.26MB of hard disk space for installation
  • Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher
  • or Photoshop Elements 3 or higher

FREE Download

This product is FREEWARE. You may download it and use for both personal and commercial work, without any charge.



Download the zip file above, uncompress all the files to a suitable folder on your hard drive, then start your host graphics program and follow the normal procedure for importing the brushes into your app. Please refer to the instructions provided by the host program for more specific instructions on how to install and configure brush files.

Required Software

In order to use this product you will need either Adobe Photoshop or Elements. I have included the links below for your convenience.

Adobe Photoshop : The big daddy of all photo-editors! Still the best, but comes at a price. Find out more here

Photoshop Elements : Top quality app boasting plenty of features, but at a much more affordable price. Find out more here