About the Software

Morphing Walls 1.1 : The quick and easy way to add a 3D wall backdrop in your Poser scenes. This pack brings together 10 of the most popular previously released props, to offer better value for money.

Morphing Wall props

Each wall comes with a sample texture map, but you can use any of your own images if you prefer. Also watch out for future releases of additional textures designed for these props.

Wall Descriptions ...

AlienWall : Industrial style embossed panel suitable for alien spaceship interiors and other sci-fi themed backdrops. Features 10 relief morph targets to vary the design.

BioWall : Provides a dark and stylish background for your fantasy, sci-fi or horror scenes. It contains a total of 26 built-in morphs which allow for many variations. The first morph is a simple wave to bend the wall and the other 25 are slight relief patterns.

BlockWall : A block-style wall suitable for sci-fi scenes, subways and other situations that call for this style of background. This prop comes with 20 built-in morph targets to help you create a variety of different relief patterns.

CaveWall : Ideal for your fantasy scenes. Comes with 15 built-in morph targets. The first 5 dials bend and twist the prop while the other 10 settings provide you with rock pattern reliefs.

CliffWall : Another natural-style backdrop with 30 built-in morph targets to help you create a variety of shapes. The first 5 dials deform the prop while the other 25 settings provide you with a selection of bumpy reliefs.

GeoWall : A selection of basic geometric style relief designs. 10 morph targets vary the effect.

RibWall : Vertical repeating ribbed effect with 10 built-in morph variations.

RockWall : A higher-resolution mesh which offers a more detailed surface. Comes with 15 built-in morph targets to help you create a variety of different rock pattern reliefs.

TechnoWall : Sci-Fi themed wall prop with 5 morph targets for pattern reliefs.

UrbanWall : A kind of typical rough back-street wall with 10 morph variations.

System Requirements

  • XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 68MB of hard disk space for installation
  • Poser 6 or higher
  • or DAZ Studio 2 or higher

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Extra Freebies

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Required Software

In order to use this product you will need either Poser or DAZ Studio. I have included the links below for your convenience.

Poser : The original and popular 3D character software. Find out more here

DAZ Studio : FREE and commercial versions available. Find out more here